Saddleback Irvine South Chinese Worship Venue

Kevin 牧師向中文堂的問候


This is Pastor Kevin of the Irvine South campus. I want to share with you an exciting adventure that will help 1) Build up the Chinese community and 2) Reach out to the Chinese community through your Saddleback Church family. As part of the Daring F.A.I.T.H. goals, we want to experiment on newer language-based worship venues that can further expand our reach into new cultures, such as the Chinese community. It will also be a good testing ground for further kingdom growth strategies to our sister campuses all throughout the world, especially for our international campuses: Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Berlin, and Manila.  Join us in prayer, worship, and dreaming of the possibilities of what God will do through you and for the Chinese community locally and internationally.




Our mission is to build a strong Chinese community at Saddleback Church to reach out to the unchurched and unreached Chinese in the Orange County area, so they can experience unconditional love and find their life purpose through Jesus Christ.

聚會時間:每周日上午11:00 (有兒童,學生服務)
地點:馬鞍峰教會南區 18842 TELLER AVE, IRVINE, CA 92612
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Chinese Venue

  • 馬鞍峰教會第一個外語堂 – 歡迎你來一起創造歷史
  • 中文敬拜歌曲/樂隊 – 用母語敬拜唱熟悉的歌曲
  • 華理克牧師英文講道中文同聲傳譯 – 語言不再是障礙
  • 幫你找到中文查經小組 – 輕鬆參加小組聚會,不用為英文緊張
  • 馬鞍峰教會特色靈命成長課程 – 中國人用中文教,讓你完全受益
  • 馬鞍峰會高水平的兒童成人項目 – 在尋求主耶穌的路上你永遠不孤單
  • Saddleback Church’s first foreign language services – come to make the history
  • Worship in your own language and sing familiar songs – express your love to God freely
  • Enjoy Pastor Rick’s sermons subtitled in Chinese – no language barrier anymore
  • Chinese-speaking small groups – comfortable Bible study/fellowship environment
  • Saddleback SUPER classes conducted in the Chinese language – you can get the full benefit
  • Full access to all Saddleback programs – on the way seeking Jesus you will never be alone


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