Saddleback Irvine South has dozens of ministries where you can serve! Check out the listing below.



First Impressions Operations

This ministry handles operations-related aspects of weekend services, such as logistics, management, setup, tear-down, and other areas that enable the smooth functioning of our guest experience.

Membership Team

Whether through phone calls, emails, or administrative functions, this team facilitates the membership events and processes at Saddleback Irvine South. The team registers people for CLASS, processes membership applications, coordinates membership reception dinners, and coordinates with the Baptism Team. Work from home. Must be a member.

Baptism Team

This ministry assists people in taking the step of getting baptized. We help people in filling out their baptism registration, provide them with T-shirts, shorts, and towels for baptism; answer basic questions and encourage them as they prepare for baptism.

Data Entry Team

This ministry helps accomplish the mission of Saddleback by assisting with data entry and database management.

Lake Forest Pickup

This team picks up materials from Lake Forest to deliver to our campus on Saturday afternoon.

Bulletin Stuffing

This ministry facilitates the stuffing of our weekly bulletin. Doing so gives people the chance to take notes that facilitate growth and life change!

Office Front Desk

This ministry helps accomplish the mission of Saddleback by assisting with hospitality needs at our church office. This team has various opportunities to serve throughout the week, from welcoming guests, to answering phones, and smaller projects.

Office Volunteer Central

You can be involved in a variety of administrative support tasks and projects supporting all of our ministries at Saddleback. We meet during normal business hours. Contact us to join this adventure that changes daily!

Special Events Team

This ministry helps accomplish the mission of Saddleback by coordinating and executing special events at our church. We plan events in all shapes and sizes to help our church body reach the unchurched.


This team helps people move from sitting to serving. This team helps recruit volunteers for events and ministries. It encourages and supports volunteers and plans appreciation events for volunteers.


SHAPE guides help church members identify meaningful ways to serve using their SHAPE (Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experience). We assist people in discovering possibilities for service that would be most rewarding for them. By understanding their SHAPE, we try to connect them with various ministries, individuals and opportunities that would be a good fit.

Campus Care

We organize group events to use our gifts and energy to beautify the church campus. Bring your family, small group or friend along for a fun way to serve the Lord! All skill levels welcome: Just need a helping hand and servant heart for various activities such as painting, cleaning, planting, organizing, repairing, decorating and other special or seasonal projects.ry



Hospitality Team

This ministry uses the gift of hospitality to bless people at church services as well as in other capacities. We provide a welcoming and warm gathering place for people to fellowship by providing beverages and snacks before and after church services. This ministry is for someone who is friendly and likes to make others feel comfortable and cared for!

Healthcare Ministry

The Healthcare Ministry is made of healthcare, EMT, fire and safety professionals who are available to help administer emergency medical assistance to anyone who becomes ill or injured at Saddleback Church. We serve “on call” and within the “Good Samaritan Law” in partnership with our Usher and Security Ministries until additional help arrives.

Connection Center

This ministry greets every guest with a smile, answers questions, and helps people get connected at Saddleback Irvine South.


This team welcomes everyone to Saddleback Church with a smile, passes out bulletins, assists with seating, answers questions, collects offerings and cooperates with handling emergencies in the Worship Center.


Greeters help those who visit our campus feel welcomed with a friendly greeting. We wish to share warmth and hospitality by simply giving a friendly smile and/or wave to make people feel welcome. We also help people find their way around campus.

Security Team

We are a team that facilitates the safety and welfare of those visiting our campus. We “serve and protect” by assisting with answering questions and helping the Health Care Ministry. A law enforcement background is not a requirement for service.

Prayer Team

The Prayer Team prays for people who stop by the Prayer Garden on Sunday mornings. We also pray for all prayer requests submitted to our church on the weekends and on a daily basis.



Chinese Service

This venue is to serve the Chinese-speaking community from the greater Irvine area, through worship with Chinese lyrics, Rick Warren’s sermons subtitled in Chinese, and relationship building through our hospitality team and small groups. Anyone with an interest in the Chinese culture is welcomed. Volunteers can serve in these areas: worship, translation, hospitality, small groups, marketing and prayer.



Marketing Team

This ministry supports our church and ministry teams to effectively communicate information to our community and church family through various marketing platforms and tools. We support our pastors and ministry leaders in meeting goals for their ministry through the use of marketing.

PICS (Photography) Team

PICS (Photographers in Christ) documents “life” at Saddleback Church services, baptisms and special events. These photos are used for bulletins, graphics, etc.

Creative Video Team

The Creative Video team shoots and produces videos that tell, equip and enhance the outreach and commission of Saddleback Church to the world, whether through stories of faith or vision casting of upcoming opportunities. No experience necessary — we will train you!

Construction Team

The Construction Team supports the efforts of the Stage Design and Decor teams in building sets and functional items for practical use. Projects vary from imaginative decorative elements to utilitarian items like shelves, furniture, or wooden walls.

Stage Design Team

The Stage Design team creates stage designs that enhance worship and create an attractive and inviting environment. Whether through building and making things or hanging lights, the team works on designs about once a quarter.

Decor Team

The Decor team creates an inviting environment by making decorations for special events and holidays. At times the team works on improving the look of the facilities.



Worship Team

This ministry helps cultivate an atmosphere of worship for everyone to be captivated by the reality of Christ, and to understand more about who our God is through song, scripture, and creativity, so that young and old may enjoy walking and living in the grace He has given us.

Tech & Production

This ministry supports all aspects of live production such as stage management, production management, running audio/video, and computer graphics. We will train you on everything you need to know!

Positions available: audio, lighting, lyrics operator, video switcher, producer, stage manager



Food Pantry

This ministry shares Christ by providing hope, purpose and food to families in need.

Onsite (Irvine South): setup, teardown, restocking, shopping and praying with families.

Resource Guides

The PEACE Center is a place of compassion where our county’s residents can come when they are in need of basic resources and assistance. While helping to provide for the immediate need, the PEACE Center’s ultimate goal is to move each individual forward toward healthy life change. Resource Guides assist guests by helping them with resources and direction

Legal Aid

The Legal Aid ministry provides legal assistance from attorneys who are members of Saddleback Church. The ministry assists on any topic, with consultation only. Our attorneys do not represent individuals or families in court.

Computer Skills Workshops

Teach basic computer skills to individuals or be an instructor assistant. Workshops cover keyboard basics, and Microsoft Office programs (Word, PowerPoint and Excel).

Citizenship Class Instructors

Great ministry opportunity for American history buffs! Help people to take the U.S. citizenship test. All materials are provided. Classes are taught for 4 consecutive weeks and offered 3 times a year. Opportunities are available to serve weekdays and evenings.

ESL: English as a Second Language

Join the ESL team and help teach English as a second language at the Saddleback Church PEACE Center. It is a great outreach ministry opportunity attracting most of the students from our surrounding community. We are looking for individuals to teach. No teaching experience required. We will train ESL leaders.


Tutoring is provided for junior and high school students on a one-on-one basis afternoons and evenings at the PEACE Center. Volunteers choose the subject and level they feel most comfortable helping with; i.e. Algebra 1 or 2, Chemistry, Biology, 7th Science, etc. Volunteers must be Saddleback Church members (completing CLASS 101, Baptism and signing the Membership Covenant).

Homework Club

The Homework Club is a classroom tutoring environment for elementary school children grades 1st–5th. Tutors assist students with completing their homework and help them prepare for tests. Saddleback Church membership is a requirement to serve, (CLASS 101, Baptism and signing the Membership Covenant).

Counseling Ministry

We produce trained counselors who facilitate a free service for individuals seeking guidance for a variety of issues including marital and family relationships, communication and intimacy, parenting, grief and loss, anger and bitterness, inner personal struggles, and spiritual discouragement. Our volunteers receive extensive training, ongoing supervision, and continuing education.

Career Coaching

The Career Coaching and Counseling Ministry is to assist those who are unemployed or soon to be unemployed with the development of a job search strategy and networking opportunities. We support spiritual development and provide tools to reduce the time spent in career transition.



Good Neighbor Irvine (UCI International)

“Good Neighbor Irvine” desires to reach out to international students studying at UCI with God’s love, warmly welcoming them into our community and lives and helping them navigate life in an unfamiliar culture.

Coffee Chat: We gather at Peet’s Coffee across the street from UCI (Tuesday evenings from 7:30–8:30 PM) to meet, enjoy learning about each other’s cultures, and develop English language skills! We can also pair students and volunteers for one-on-one Conversation Partners that can meet for an hour any other time of the week.

Basketball Ministry

The Kids Summer Basketball Camp (5 to 9 year olds) teaches kids basketball skills and helps them learn about God.

Assisted Living Ministry

The Saddleback Assisted Living Ministry has established weekly Saddleback worship services at Independent and Assisted Living communities throughout Orange County for those who sometimes are forgotten.

Financial Freedom Ministry

The Financial Freedom Ministry helps each member become financially free to serve God’s purpose for their life.

Global Peace

The PEACE Plan is our response to the five global giants that negatively affect our world: Spiritual emptiness, Self-serving Leadership, Poverty, Disease, and Illiteracy. We overcome each of these giants by Planting churches that promote reconciliation, Equipping servant leaders, Assisting the poor, Caring for the sick, and Educating the next generation. The PEACE Plan is ordinary people, empowered by God, making a difference together wherever they are. Contact us to find out more ways to get involved!



Small Groups Team

Small Groups Ministry is about building community at our church. Community Leaders take a higher-level role of supporting a group of Small Group Hosts from a pastoral perspective. Small Groups Team Members help connect people to small groups via email, input information, and assist with curriculum distribution during our major Small Group Campaigns.

Teaching Ministry Team

The Teaching Ministry Team helps people grow spiritually by teaching CLASS (101, 201, 301, 401), Foundations, and other studies and seminars on various topics of spiritual development.

Orphan Care

The Orphan Care Ministry is committed to creating practical ways that every believer can make a difference for vulnerable children locally and globally, because the Bible says that we are all called to care for the orphan the way God has cared for us. By providing vision, tools, and training, we equip people to help children to remain in families, re-unite with families or regain a family through kinship care or adoption.

Celebrate Recovery

This ministry helps people find freedom from hurts, habits and hang-ups including addictions, compulsive and dysfunctional behaviors. We open the door by sharing our experiences, strengths and hopes with one another. In addition, we become willing to accept God´s grace in solving our lives´ problems. By working and applying these Biblical principles, we begin to grow spiritually.


Active Duty Families

Active Duty Families (ADF) focuses on the families of those serving in all branches of the service as well as National Guard and Reserve offices. This ministry offers small group support for men and women, simple home repairs, events to honor the families, events to create a community of support, bible studies, and practical help (with moving, illness, hospital visits, etc).

Saddleback Men

This ministry equips men with resources, teaching and supportive relationships that help them apply Biblical wisdom in their lives. Come to a relaxed setting where men enjoy great teaching, discussion and get to know other men on the same journey of learning how to be “God’s men” in today’s culture.

Saddleback Women

Join other women in a relaxed setting to enjoy great teaching, discussion, prayer and to build friendships that become “strong towers” while facing various trials in life. We organize weekly meetings, events and service opportunities designed to encourage spirtual growth. Volunteers are welcome to assist with planning and executing any of our activities. We’d love to have you join us!



Saddleback Kids

This ministry helps accomplish the mission of Saddleback by helping kids (birth through 5th grade) connect to God and others. Each week during classes our kids are having fun, being cared for, learning about God and making friendships with other kids and leaders! We have leading opportunities and so much more in this ministry. There are also opportunities for those who prefer not to work directly with children (check-in, prep, etc.).

Kids Small Groups

Kids Small Groups (KSG) is a mid-week discipleship program for the children of Saddleback Church in Pre-K through Grade 6. Children focus on developing a relationship with Jesus, learning what it means to be a part of the church family and connecting with their peers and leaders. All of this is done in a consistent small group atmosphere – same leaders, same kids and same day/time each week.

Saddleback Childcare

Saddleback Childcare is our staff and volunteer run childcare which provides loving care to the children of parents who attend some Irvine South events. Our goal is to enable children to grow in a Biblically-based environment while their parents grow in their walk with Christ.

Junior High Ministry

Our Junior High Ministry serves students in 6th – 8th grade. Our ministry exists to help students become exposed to, experience, and express Jesus Christ and His biblical principles for His church. Volunteers contribute to this effort at lots of different levels. Join us as we walk students through “the middle.

High School Ministry (HSM)

Our high school ministry includes students in 9th –12th grades from all over the greater Irvine area. Through Sunday services, small groups, various events, camps and service projects, our team of volunteers do everything we can to provide a comfortable place for students to be exposed to, experience and express Christ in their lives.

College Ministry

Saddleback’s college ministry is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of college-aged young adults (18-25). We do this through a wide variety of experiences that help college age students nurture a relationship with Christ in a loving community as they navigate the challenges of this life-stage.